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06/12/14 12:52 PM #26    


Trish Leary (Joyce)

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Donnie.  My sincerest sympathies are being sent to you and your family.  May cherished memories keep you all comforted during this difficult time.  He was such a fine man ...

06/12/14 02:39 PM #27    

Marge Forella (Depresco)

Donnie and Family, so sorry for your loss.  The loss of a parent is never easy and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

06/12/14 05:04 PM #28    

Colleen Pagliuca (Llanos)

Donnie & Family,

Many condolences for your lose of your dad.  Praying & keeping you all in my thoughts.  God Bless.

Colleen (Pagliuca) Llanos

06/12/14 05:48 PM #29    

Linda McGloin (Elam)

Donnie and Family,

Very Sorry to hear of your loss. In time telling stories of your memories always helps. 

06/12/14 05:48 PM #30    

Robert Sobel

Dear Donnie!

I am so sorry to get this very sad news. Our hearts are with you and your family and in our pryares. It is so very hard to witness those we love most going through such suffering. Please know how many of us are thinking about you.

All our love to you,

Robert and Betty

06/12/14 06:27 PM #31    

Chuck Martell

Hi Classmates: For all you NVRHS '73 alumni, tell others too, who still live in the Metro NY-NJ area or are visiting. The 6th Annual “Jeff Brewster” Street Hockey Game Charity Fund is this Friday June 13th @ 6:30 pm at the Closter Rec. Street Hockey Rink located at the intersection of Ruckman Rd. and Piermont Rd. (next to where the old ‘China Chalet’ restaurant was.) Please come and support the Jeff Brewster family and it’s a great mini-get together from many class years of NVRHS. Come play or just watch and see lots of old friends. Last year was the largest turnout yet, lets better that turnout this year. See you Saturday!

BECAUSE OF WEATHER... THE EVENT IS MOVED TO SATURDAY June 14th @ 5:00 pm at the Closter Rec. Rink

Chuck Martell

06/12/14 06:28 PM #32    

Chuck Martell


Our prayers are with you and your family. You have lots of great memories going forward.


06/12/14 09:11 PM #33    

Robin MacRae

Dear Donnie - I am SO very sorry to hear your sad news. We are never ever prepared for this....even with the warning signs. I've never reconciled which is worse (knowing; or not knowing)....the pain is enormous.  I shall ALWAYS have such lovely memories of BOTH of your parents...and our fabulous childhoods....the many sleepovers at your house (w/ all our sisters).... ice skating @ the Englewood Field Club (w/ hot chocolate after). I even remember what the "A" stands for in your's, your father's and your grandfather's middle name!!  Please extend my most heartfelt condolences to your family.  Much Love,



06/13/14 03:39 AM #34    

Lisa Krong (Geisel)

Donnie, sorry to hear that your dad lost his last fight...wishing you much strength and love through the saddest time, your friend, Lisa


06/13/14 08:56 AM #35    

Vinnie Curcio

No matter our age and no matter our parents age, a piece of us is lost when we lose a parent.  That piece is never replaced or healed, it can only be given to our children and kept in our hearts to make us better people for carrying on their love, hopes and traditions.  My deepest condolences for your loss.  Vinnie Curcio

06/13/14 10:33 AM #36    

Pat Pierce

Dear Donnie,

I am very sorry for your loss.  I lost my dad just last week so I completely understand.  We are very lucky that we had them for so long.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

06/13/14 11:51 AM #37    

Greg Morris

Dear Don and family, at our age, I am sure that most of us are acutely aware of how you feel. That does not take away the pain.Does not help to replace the friendship,and advise, so often received from the people we lose. There are things that might help to ease the pain for you tho.At least once a week I find myself uttering fraises that came from my father.Some times rediculous, some times profound. Most times good solid information about life in general that I pass to my kids.I find myself smiling on these occasions. Also, if you believe in a higher power as I do, he is not gone!! You just won't get to see him for a while,thats all. Peace to you and yours. What was that saying way back when, oh yea, keep on truckin!!

06/14/14 06:59 AM #38    

Cindy Britton (Picinic)

So sorry to hear the news about your father.  My father is very ill at this time, and we are going through something similar. I hope you have some great memories, some wonderful family pictures, and I'm sure the time you spent with him was special and greatly appreciated. Sending sympathy to you and your family.

I cannot attend your reunion on Saturday, September 20th.  We have a wedding for a very close friend's daughter that day. I'm sure I'll miss a lot of fun with our classmates!

06/15/14 01:56 PM #39    

Mary Lynn Shea (Lehmann)

Donnie, sorry about your Dad.  You were lucky to have had him with you for so many will find comfort in the memories, they last forever.


06/16/14 10:10 AM #40    

Donnie Quarles

Hi everybody,

    I want to thank you all for your sympathies and condolences - I know many of you are going through this same type of thing (or have already, or will soon). My Dad had a great and long life, so I am thankful for that. He was loved by all, and I got to spend a lot of time with him in recent years, so no regrets. I miss him terribly, but am extremely greatful for his long life, health and love. In the end, the love is all that endures. Again thank you all - you guys are the greatest!

      Hope to see those who can make it Sept. 20th

       love to all,


06/16/14 10:55 AM #41    


Trish Leary (Joyce)

Beautiful message, Donnie. You are so right ... Love endures ... always. Continue to count your family's meant blessings. Our hearts remain with you.

06/19/14 07:52 PM #42    

Peggy Foss (Fleischer)


I'm sorry to hear of your father's passing.  May your memories of better times carry you through your tomorrows.  Sending prayers for you and your family.


06/30/14 11:03 AM #43    

Donnie Quarles

Hi All, 

   thanks again for all of your comments, thoughts and prayers concerning my father's passing. Good news for those who can make it on Sept. 20th to my house for the party. The bash will now be a double-header, with the 45's party going from 1-8:30pm and my daughter's band, the Otterknockers, playing live from 8:30pm to 1am. Emily is the lead singer and the band is experienced and fantastic - she is the only band member under 50. They do mostly 60's to 80's rock (Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Dusty Springfield, Cream, Tom Petty, Hendrix, Guns 'N' Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jackson 5, Bonnie Raitt, etc.) and a few contemporaries mixed in. If you can make it, you'll love it.

Directions: NYS thruway north to exit 17 (Newburgh) - make left out of tollbooths onto 84W - 1st exit - exit #6 - make right off exit ramp onto 17K west. Go about 3 miles on 17K west into Coldenham, make left on Ridge Rd., (just before Spruce Lodge) - house is #96 - 2nd from last on right - you'll see our name on tree in front of house on the end of the driveway.

    Hope to see you all - feel free to BYOB or grill item - Enjoy your summer

        Donnie Quarles

07/01/14 10:30 PM #44    

Robin MacRae

You had me @ Otis Redding & Dusty Springfield......LOL  :)

07/03/14 12:00 PM #45    

Greg Morris

Wow Don, those directions sound very close to me. As per my usuall, I will bring way more than I will need. As far as food though, I only know steak, burgers, and dogs. I will bring almost any thing YOU want. Just let me know. Greg

07/25/14 09:30 AM #46    

Donnie Quarles

Hi all,

  Just an update on my 45's party - unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, we had to switch our party date again - from Sept. 20th to Sept. 13th - it's still a Saturday - starting at 1pm - just the week before. The 45's portion will go from 1 to 7ish, followed by my daughters' band, the Otterknockers (party rock). Come one come all!

    Donnie Quarles

07/25/14 11:33 PM #47    

Laurie Zullo (Totoro)

Hi Donnie.  I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's passing . Many prayers for you and your family . Keep your many warm memories of your dad close , Laurie Zullo totoro 


09/08/14 12:28 PM #48    

Donnie Quarles

Hi everybody,

   With 6 days to go I thought I better remind everybody that my 45's party at my house (96 Ridge Road, Montgomery,NY - Exit 17, NYS Thruway) is this Saturday, Sept. 13th, beginning at 1pm. As we anticipate quite a crowd, you may want to bring a drink or food item of your choice. The 45's party will go from approximately 1-7pm, with my daughter's band to follow. The pool will be open, and we'll have an outdoor fire pit for those that want extra warmth. Hope to see all those that can make it on Saturday. Bring your dancin' shoes and/or your drinkin' shoes!!!

      Donnie Quarles

09/09/14 09:05 AM #49    

Cindy Conover (Potterton)

I am bringing my dancing shoes and how does scewered shrimp for the grill sound?  Can't wait to see you and Melissa and your family!

08/28/17 02:30 PM #50    

David Blakeman

Donnie ,  I did not know your dad passed away. I'm so sorry . I know the time we were a Ryno's Dads wake and you thanked my Dad for coaching hockey that meant alot to my Dad.

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